"Welcome to Beit Lechem Ministries"

Does His Fire Live in You?

Service Times (MST)

Shabbat Services Saturday Noon

*Kingdom Training  3:00 PM

Prayer Wednesday 6:30 PM

Torah Study Wednesday 7:00 PM


*Our Kingdom training is a time of family ministry–specifically targeting our youth and young adults.

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Statement of Faith

Statement of Faith and Trust

We are a congregation of believers dedicated to training up disciples of Yeshua/Jesus through the pattern of the Torah and the example of the Gospels.  We are committed to building Yahweh’s/God’s kingdom through regular teachings, prayer times, and feast day celebrations.  We desire to see Yeshuah’s/Jesus’ bride restored to their priestly anointing, walking free from the realms of Sin and Death.  The ministry objectives & biblical doctrines we adhere to are as follows:


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The Place God Will Choose to Place His Name

Pastor Matt Barber 9-3-16 Re’eh – Experience   Listen...

The Reward

Pastor Curtis Taylor 8-27-16 Ekev – Reward   Listen...

Observe Yourself Carefully

Pastor Matt Barber 8-20-16 V’etchanan – And I Pleaded   Listen...

The Living Words

Pastor Mike Wuertemburg 8-13-16 Devarim – Words   Listen...

Starting Out Boldly

Pastor Matt Barber 8-6-16 Masei – Journeys   Listen...


Pastor Curtis Taylor 7-30-16 Matot – Tribes   Listen...

The Defining Moment

Pastor Mike Wuertemburg 7-23-16 Phinchas – Phineas   Listen...

The Insight of Donkeys

Pastor Matt Barber 7-16-16 Balak   Listen...

The Priesthood

Pastor Curtis Taylor 7-9-16 Chukah – Decree   Listen...

Collateral Damage and Collateral Blessings

Pastor Matt Barber 7-2-16 Korach – Korah   Listen...